Asset management | Investment-oriented property management

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Strategically. Investment-oriented. With added value.


The management tasks faced by property owners have a wide variety: New properties require professional marketing, while older houses require investment. Tenants require looking-after or replacement, while non-profitable properties need new strategies. Costs should be reduced.


Where your property is concerned, we have only one goal in mind: yours! 


We manage and supervise administrators, facility managers, project developers, estate agents and other service providers. Always in your interests and in accordance with the jointly elaborated strategy. We keep you up to date using regular and transparent reports.

Asset management – our range of services

We control all processes in the life cycle of a property – from acquisition to development to sale.

  • Property management: Management and controlling in the areas of cash flow, costs and budgeting
  • Letting and marketing
  • Control of property management
  • Continuous market and location analyses
  • Transaction management: Operative acquisition and sale along the portfolio strategy
  • Process management: Design and securing of documentation and reporting
  • Renovation, revitalisation

Our advantage is our in-house expertise. This saves money and provides for efficient solutions.

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Added value through fine-tuning.

Added value is created through a balanced relationship between control and supervisory mechanisms, good market knowledge and communication.
Most errors in the life cycle of a property arise through rash decisions that were not fully weighed up.