Project development & investments

Planning and implementation of new projects

Stylish lofts are opened in the old factory, wonderful homes are now found in the former water tower and new living space is created on industrial wasteland.

When it comes to developing new projects you need farsightedness, creativity, market knowledge and experience in the fields of planning, building and marketing.
At TRIACON, experienced engineers and property experts handle the entire project development for you.

Beyond that we single-handedly finance, develop and implement new building projects or revitalise districts or commercial areas.

Especially the revitalisation of properties offers opportunities for owners and investors to reposition properties. This allows properties to be made attractive and profitable once again. Might restructuring also give your property new prospects?

Project development and investment – our range of services

  • Property acquisition
  • Project development: Usage concept, procurement of capital, preparation of feasibility studies
  • Revitalisation of existing properties: Modernisation or complete reconceptualisation, weakness analysis, optimisation of renovation measures
  • Project conception: Analysis of market, location, usage, competition and risks, cost calculations, yield calculation
  • Project implementation: Obtaining building permission, execution and co-ordination of construction


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Project examples

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