Property valuations | Due diligence

Make best use of opportunities with our analyses

The location of your property is perfect, but what about the building fabric?
Your property needs to be renovated, but does it also have sufficient development potential?
You wish to sell, but you’d like to identify or eliminate risks beforehand?

Whatever management or investment decision you have to take:
 TRIACON’s team of experts will assist you with a systematic stocktaking of strengths and weaknesses. We prepare objective analyses and provide recommendations with which you can minimise your risks and utilise opportunities.

Due diligence – our range of services

  • Macro and micro location analysis
  • Recording and analysis of all commercially and technically relevant data, such as structural fabric, maintenance backlog and determination of the financial volume for repair and modernisation
  • Analysis of the market value and/or the optimum time to sell
  • We determine the actual condition and the potential for development and increase in value, also in the case of revitalisations
  • Illustration and analysis of all liquidity flows in the form of cash-flow models
  • Evaluation of yield and capital value at individual property and portfolio level


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